CAEH Conference – Rural and Remote Stream

The National Alliance to End Rural and Remote Homelessness would like to thank everyone who participated in the inaugural Rural and Remote stream of content at this year’s National Conference that took place in Edmonton in November, 2019.

This stream of the conference focused on programs, policies and practices that were adapted or created specifically for and/or by Rural and Remote communities. The intention was to provide tangible, innovative and evidence based solutions for Rural and Remote conference participants. There were 7, 90 minute sessions. Special consideration was given to presentations that addressed:

  • Housing First in the Rural and Remote Context
  • Rural and Remote interventions for targeted populations such as Youth, LGBTQ2S, Women, Indigenous
  • Rural and Remote Research
  • Enumeration and data collection processes for Rural and Remote communities
  • Prevention of Rural and Remote Homelessness
  • Migration and the connection between Rural, Remote and Urban Homelessness
  • Innovative Housing Projects in Rural and Remote communities
  • Rural and Remote specific responses to Emergency Housing
  • Engaging Municipal Leaders in Rural and Remote communities
  • Addressing Rural and Remote specific challenges such as transportation, sustainable funding, lack of housing options etc.


CAEH2020 will be in Toronto on Wednesday November 18 – Friday November 20th at the Beanfield Centre.

Call for Proposals for the Rural and Remote Homelessness Stream: COMING SOON!

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